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Added - 11-09-08

Diary Spring 2008 Entry 

“Things are looking up”
Hasn’t it been a wet winter so far? On more than one occasion travellers have been stranded by the road closures on SH1 to the north and south of Kaikoura. As I write this, however, the sun is shining through the window, a reminder that spring is only just around the corner and that with warmer days the lawns, fruit trees blossom, new vegetables, the growth will be all on.
Night Classes
The wet wintery dark evenings didn’t go to waste however, and this year Elizabeth and Paul were asked to teach as part of the local high schools adult education classes. We ran two courses on site at the café ‘Perfect Bread’ and ‘Barista Beginnings’. Both courses were designed to be as hands on as possible, and they were such a success, we’ll be doing the same thing again next year! We got some snapshots of the students practicing their new skills – take a look in our gallery
Café Site Developments
New this spring… the completion of our outdoor decking and patio area, which in the heat of summer will be the perfect place to relax, being more sheltered and private from the easterly breezes and the fresh greenery providing natural shade to complement any need for umbrellas’. Next time you are passing, we welcome you to stop by and see for yourself.
Team up with Hislops for Good Health
This season tends to whet everyone’s appetite for the outdoors, with longer daylight hour soon to be introduced and the milder weather. Hislops Café is getting into the spirit of spring and has teamed up with local event organisers and the Kaikoura Community Gym to offer free drink ‘refreshers’ for all the active bodies getting involved. Isn’t it nice to receive a little something for all your efforts?
Kaikoura is lucky to have been chosen as the location for the Macpac Spring Challenge this year, an all women’s adventure race, which will see up to 600 women competing in 6 or 12 hour multisport events, so we are ready for a busy weekend, the last weekend of September. Best of luck to all participants!
New Team Members Needed
With the start of a new season comes the need for new core team members, so if you are, or know of someone, who is looking to begin or further their career in hospitality, please help us by passing this information to them. We are searching for those who have a friendly charm with a mature and relaxed team play, a passion for handling food and having a conscientious and enthusiastic step to their pace. We need chefs and experienced front of house people to be with us until April next year, or longer if they are the right applicant.
As a result of there being a push to have more qualified staff in the New Zealand hospitality industry, Paul is to become a work place assessor for the Hospitality Standards Institute. This will mean that new and existing team members will be able to gain recognised qualifications being true on the job training during their time at Hislops Café.
Thanks for the Feedback - to all those who contributed to Hislops future development by filling in feedback forms back in July.
This campaign to touch base with you our customers was to find out your thoughts, comments and ideas for Hislops Café. Since reopening with some changes to the Café layout back in Oct 2007 we felt it was time to find out from you all if what we are providing is hitting the spot and what we can be doing to improve the experience for every guest who visits Hislops. So many guests contributed great feedback, which we have now reviewed. In an attempt to know you better we can focus our attention for the short and long term on the things that are important yet still in tune with the objectives of Hislops goals and vision.
We had such great support from the local community, yet there were a surprising amount of people having their say who had come to visit from Christchurch, the North Island, lower South Island and even abroad!
Although the campaign and competition that ran in conjunction with it is now over, we would still welcome any feedback you wish to share with us. Only through hearing your thoughts can we continue to keep our standards as high as you our customers have come to expect.
The comments and ideas we have received have been awesome and will help to improve the experience for every guest who walks through our doors, so your contributions are most appreciated. Please send any further constructive criticism, about the Café, the good, bad or the ugly to café 

Added - 20-03-08

Wow what a summer!
Here at Hislops Café we have enjoyed a wonderful summer season.
After refurbishment and reopening last October it has been great welcoming our existing loyal guests back and new customers too. Many of our guests that knew the layout before the renovations have been giving great feedback particularly about the entrance with concrete ramp and the new north-facing room opening out onto an expansive deck, giving the general feel of renewed space within the Cafe.
The work is of course on going with more landscaping out in the new north facing deck area and still the finishing to the upstairs facility. At present a finish date for this has still not been set. We will keep you posted re the unveiling of the up-stairs, as we know many guests can’t wait to have a look.
The new space for those working behind the scenes in the kitchen has been brilliant and enjoyed by all involved there. The biggest challenge, which seems to be ongoing, is the availability of suitably experienced applicants to join our fun and friendly team. However all has run smoothly and now Franck (chef) and partner Anne-Sophie (waitress) have headed off at the end of February to show their family from France around New Zealand. So…..

A fantastic opportunity
has arisen for a chef and experienced cook to join us, also front of house team members.
We are searching for those who have a friendly charm with a mature and relaxed team play, a passion for handling food and having a conscientious and enthusiastic step to their pace.
Until the position of chef is filled we will be closing at 4:30pm Monday & Tuesday. We open every day at 9:30am and for evening dining Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday  
If you know or have a friend or family who knows of someone looking to further their career in this field please help us by passing this information to them or make it possible for us to contact them, thankyou.

Hislop Wholemeal Flour & Bread
– Yes we have new seasons wheat just arrived in stock and you will be able to purchase from the Café. Flour will be a shelf item again in our retail section in bag sizes ranging from 1.5kg to 10kg. Larger size bags will need to be pre-ordered at least a few days in advance.
Bread will be available each day on a first in basis as there are only limited surplus loaves available each day. New season’s organic wheat this year has produced a good quality grain. I think probably the best for a few years!

The main honey harvest is over
now for another season with a good take of Manuka Honey being our main focus with good flowering of Manuka trees up the valleys of the seaward Kaikoura mountains. In the drier areas around the district the honey flow was shortened making the need for moving hives up the valleys where with more moisture, honey flow continued for longer.
We invite you to come and view our range of honey and other produce in the retail section at Hislops Café.

For you Coffee lovers
we also have retail packs of Allpress Organic ground coffee suitable for plunger or filter made at home. This is of course the Allpress brand of coffee we use for espresso coffee enjoyed by all at the Café. Also for all milk coffees at the café we use ‘Organic whole milk ’ otherwise an option of organic Soya bean milk.
Cocktail connoisseurs – we have developed a cocktail list with the help of Adam Toleman, award winning cocktail mixer, with an emphasis on the classical. Aperitifs, Sours, Sweets, we encourage your suggestions for Cocktail of the week, otherwise we are happy to makeup any of your favourites on request.
Your welcome to come in, try some.

Browse our gallery for some summer photos


  Added - 14-11-2007Hislops Café has reopend after an extended closure through the months from May to October of 2007. 

Extensive changes have been made which include a curving stone entrance with crafted concrete ramp, linea weatherboard cladding, new wood and glazed entrance doors. This is the aesthetics of a design to beckon a welcome to the more major changes inside.
Be meet as you enter by one of the team, most are new to Hislops as well, however having the same professional grounding in the processes you have come to expect, (table service) a warm greeting ‘Welcome’ and being ushered to a comfortable seat at a table where a friendly approach is made in taking your order even if only for a coffee, tea or other beverage. Being given a menu you can enjoy the atmosphere while making your choices and anticipating the food.
The choices in where to sit have been increased as well with more inside area and deck on the north facing side and to the rear which is ideal for group seating. Toilets have been relocated too, not one for all any more but three to enable the comfort stop to be just that - Comfortable!
Opening hours are somewhat restricted at present due to the need for more kitchen technicians – Chefs, Cooks and kitchen hands to make up the full compliment of the kitchen team. We need approximately three more people capable of doing the hot line and similar on salads, baking and desserts. A corresponding increase in the font of house team will be needed as the goal is to be trading 7 days and evening by end of November. Currently we are opening at 9:30am through 4:30pm every day and Thru through Saturday the kitchen operating for evening dinning until 8:00pm.
Enquiries are welcome re the up stair facilities for presentations, group functions and VIP dining, as once this area of the expansion is complete will be ideal for such use.
Take a look at the photo gallery and around the other areas of this site

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